Gloucester Aikido Club

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Welcome to Gloucester Aikido Club

About Gloucester Aikido Club

Aikido, a Japanese martial art founded by Morehi Ueshiba is based on self improvement, is a sound way to develop a personal level of fitness and is an enjoyable pastime which can fit in with work, social and family life

We at Gloucester Aikido Club are members of The British Aikido Board and practice the traditional Ueshiba style Aikido.

The club membership has a progressive following which proudly includes six Dan grades. All club instructors have National Instructor Coaching Awards to teach Aikido - recognised by the the British Aikido Board.

Gloucester Aikido Club does not hold junior classes at any of our training sessions, limiting the age for students to a minimum of 18 years.

Beginners are always welcome
We follow traditional Japanese etiquette. Don't worry about it, just copy everyone else until you pick it up.

Clothing - A judogi (suit) is preferred. However, for the first few practices, something loose - track suit/T-shirt or similar is acceptable. For safety reasons footwear should be worn from changing rooms to dojo (practice hall) and no jewellery is allowed on the mat. For insurance purposes, you need to join the the club after two classes.


Please note: E&OE.

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