Gloucester Aikido Club

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Gloucester Aikido Club ~ History

Roots of Gloucester Aikido Club

Late Sensei William Smith Shihan MBE
6th Dan So Hombu


Sensei Dennis Cantillion Shidoin
6th Dan So Hombu

A founder member and Senior Sensei of Gloucester Aikido Club formed at Gloucester Y.M.C.A.

Memorable photographs of 1980's showing training at the YMCA, Sebert Road, Gloucester.





Events & Courses

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Congratulations to

Lee Knickenberg

on gaining Shodan grade

at the Spring Course

Saturday 17th March

and Colette Hall at a recent grading promotion event

Many congratulations to Lee Knickenberg and Colette Hall on achieving their Shodan Grade. They both made exceptionally high quality gradings and our club is proud of their achievement